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Want Wide plank Pine Floors? You gotta know about this!

People often wonder and ask where did we get the idea to design floors that have that farmhouse look! Well my wide plank pine flooring has been down for over 20 years and is now rustic and considered very much in style! No, my floor boards aren’t without stain or have shifted places. But In fact, in some places the decades-old planks are worn with love, from kids and now grand kids. But their age and width tell a story.

Our Country style A frame home was built out in the country across from a farmers field. We are 20 minutes from the city and have incorporated that Shabby- Chic look that everyone is after! If you are looking to do the Shabby-Chic, Farmhouse Glam, or even the Rustic look we have got it all. Take a look at some pictures below for inspiration of 9” wide pine plank flooring.

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