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Spring is in the Air!

Curb appeal is the topic we are on today because we can't believe it's almost March! So as we creep closer to spring we thought we would get everyone thinking about the exterior of your house! It should be important to all homeowners, not just the ones looking to sell their homes. Whether you’re embarking on a brand-new build or remodeling an older home, a few things can immediately increase your home’s curb appeal like new wood siding. Nothing makes coming home more enjoyable then pulling up to a welcoming, seasonal, and friendly home. Sometimes it just takes the fine details to show case your homes beauty!

Blending In:

When picking a colour it’s important to remember neighboring homes—you don’t have to match your neighbors house. But consider a few coordinating colours so it can give a more unified, harmonious exterior.

Siding Profile:

Clapboard or Bevel siding has been used on houses for centuries, both here in Canada and Europe. It’s distinctive long and narrow boards are nailed horizontally in an overlapping pattern across the house. This traditional pattern is the most popular siding style sold today.

Contrasting colours:

While understated palettes were the trend in home exteriors for many years, homeowners are now turning to more dramatic exterior colours and blends to make a statement. For example cedar tones and a chocolate-brown accents create a stunning contrast in colour.

Trim Trends:

Trim is an excellent tool to highlight architectural features of an exterior and create an eye-catching contrast that homeowners are looking for. A few ways to highlight the home is trim, windows, or a unique front door. These are all great ways to add charm and individuality!

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