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Oil Wax Finishes

Oil Wax Finishes

Understanding how a hard wax-Oil Finish interacts with the wood fibers and wears over time is the key to understanding the many advantages of this finish on the whole and comparison to commonly used plastic finishes. Such as poly urethanes and aluminum-oxides. Historically Oil wax finishes were used thorough Europe and by early American settlers to preserve and enhance the beauty of natural wood surfaces, hard wax oil finishes are being rediscovered for there many unique benefits from the beauty they preserve to their ease of maintenance. But Hard wax oil is modern take on the traditional finish and has been improved with technology to connect the oil to the wood fibers by means of molecular reaction, resulting in more durable protection.

Hard wax oil finish is not merely a surface coating, but rather is a penetrating finish that becomes a part of the wood. The natural oil penetrates deeply into the wood pores, bonding with the wood fibers while the wax remains on the surface to create a beautiful matte, or satin finish and to form a protective, resistant layer. Spot repairs of scratches or damaged areas are possible and easily achieved. This is also true to spot repair of the entire floor. A floor finished with hard wax oil never needs to be re-sanded. The natural luster of the Hard wax oil can easily be rejuvenated with periodic application of maintenance oil. With proper care and maintenance, a floor finished with our Hard wax oil will last a lifetime and will always maintain its genuine, natural beauty.

Appearance and ageing process-Hard wax oil vs. Polymerized finishes

A Hard Wax oil finish respects and enhances the natural look and feel of the wood. Easily distinguished by its elegant and sophisticated matte or satin appearance, Hard wax oil allows the ultimate color of the wood to flourish and to continue to be enhanced over time. Wood finished with Hard Wax oil will scratch and dent, but the difference is that it may be easily spot repaired. With Hard wax oil finishes, age and use serve only to enhance the rich patina of the natural wood, the more foot traffic there is, the more beautiful the floor becomes.

On the other hand, a floor finished with polymer (plastic finish such a polyurethane) will never look better then the day it was first finished. The look of he floors degrades over time and scratches diffuse light and pic up dirt, Causing the floor to look dull and dingy. This degrading process accelerated when deep scratches penetrate the surface coating and expose un protected wood.

Additional Hard wax oil benefits

Hard wax oil is extremely water repellent, nor will it crack flack, peel, blister or panelize like a polymerized finish. The open cell structure of the hard wax oil allows the floor to breath which has a regulatory effect on moisture, ensuring a healthy room climate and keeping with the wood’s natural hydroscopic characteristics. Additionally, our hard wax oil is staining resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice and milk.

Natural, Non toxic, 100% Voc free

Hard wax oil finish is all natural non pollutant and completely non toxic. It does not contan biocides preservatives, lead benzene and is 100% Voc free (Volatile organic Compounds). Our Hard Wax Oil is produced from natural materials such as vegetable oil and natural waxes made from purified renewable natural raw material.

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