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MDF or Solid Wood???

Why Choose Solid wood for your Ship Lap???

Many people often opt out of using solid wood for there home because of two reasons, the price and knots! But here at Northern Stable Supply our interior Ship Lap come in a clear grade of wood, which means NO knots and we offer competitive pricing as well. This is why our ship lap is one of our best sellers!

Here is some food for thought!

Just like particle board, MDF will soak up water and other liquids like a sponge and swell unless it's sealed very very well. But because it consists of such fine particles, MDF doesn't hold screws very well. It is very heavy and can make it more difficult to work with. As well it can't be stained either. Not only does it soak up stain like a sponge but because there's no wood grain on MDF, it looks awful when it's stained.

So besides the fact that it can be difficult to work with, the main reason why the consumer should steer clear is because of the way MDF is made that gives it these qualities - and makes it potentially dangerous. Invented in the United States, it is a compound of wood dust and scrap bonded together by a glue like substance containing formaldehyde - a recognized carcinogen. These ingredients that are in MDF are well known toxic chemicals to people and pets especially in between season when turning the heat up and down.

We hope this brief explanation helps everyone better understand the potential difficulties and dangers of using a cheaper product.

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