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Maintaining your Hard Wax Oil Flooring

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Maintaining Your Hard Wax Oil Flooring

For regular everyday cleaning, a broom or vacuum cleaner is all you need. To remove stains, the floor can also be damp mopped. If done regularly, using wash & Care, it will help to clean and maintain your oil wax flooring.

We use and recommend

Osmo Wash & Care Concentrate

Wash & Care is a mild and gentle non-toxic cleaner for wood. It is made with soaps based on coconut and other vegetable oils. It is gentle on the skin and biodegradable. It contains no solvents, formaldehyde or phosphates. Wash & Care had been especially developed for wooden floors treated with hard wax oil and is easily maintained by regular cleaning. It is also possible to clean to the surfaces with wash and care? Stone, Cork, Vinyl and other water-resistant surfaces.

How to Use?

Spray the cleaner on the floor. Then wipe the floor with a sponge mop or cloth. The surface should not be wet. If there is excess moisture, wipe the floor dry with a clean cloth. It is not necessary to rinse after cleaning.

Another Product

Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner

The Osmo hard wax oil finish is extremely durable, but like any finish, it will show wear over time, especially in high traffic areas such as the kitchen, main entries and stairways. The liquid wax cleaner is easy to use and buffs to a sheen. It is also extremely water repellent and odorless when dry. Timely use of liquid wax cleaner restores the finish and helps to keep it lasting indefinitely. This product can also be used on any waxed woodwork.

Cleaner: How to use Liquid Wax Cleaner

First clean the floor or wood thoroughly, preferably with moist cloth or mop dampened in wash and care, diluted in water. Wring the cloth or mop thoroughly so that no water puddles. Allow to fully dry.

To remove heavy stains? Apply a small amount on cloth or white scotch pad and rub the dirty area. For heavier stained, use fine steel wool. Wipe off the dirt residue.

To Maintain: Apply very thinly on the clan surface, 2 teaspoons will cover 10sq ft. Allow to dry for 30 to 60 minutes or until a white haze has formed. Buff the surface with a soft cotton cloth. The surface can be polished.

Spot repairs are easy. There is no need to strip the whole floor or even to remove old hard wax oil. For minor repairs, just scuff the damaged area, coat with liquid wax cleaner and buff lightly when the cleaner is dry.

Make repairs regularly, and the finish will last indefinitely.

Be aware that liquid wax cleaner will restore the finish but not repair damaged wood. If a more extensive fix is needed, use Osmo 3054 Hardwax Oil.

Osmo Hard wax Oil (3054)

Spot repairs are made easy with Osmo Hardwax oil. It is water and stain resistant, completely ecological and has no emissions. The major benefit o f Hard wax Oil is that minor damaged areas or high wear areas can be rebuilt with out refinishing the entire floor, saving thousands of dollars. You can even leave the furniture in Place.

How to Use:

Lightly hand sand off scratches or other damage. Use 80 grit sandpaper on deep gouges and finish with 100é120 grit. Light repairs can be done with 150é180 grit. Vacuum or wipe away dust then apply the finish by hand.

Wipe on a small amount of Hard wax Oil. Do not allow it to puddle, and allow it to dry for 24 to 48 hours with good ventilation Buff with extra fine steel wool or a scotch pad to blend the edges of the patch into the surrounding finish. Repeating the process after fully dry if necessary to get a nice blend.

If you have any questions please contact our office at (705)723-1234

or to order any Osmo maintenance products

Thank you

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