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After Christmas Blues

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Tips to Overcome Those Post-Christmas Blues:

This is a difficult season, the weeks after Christmas. It’s a mini-season of limbo, an awkward in-between time, and people have different ways of dealing with it. But one way to get excited again and to keep your spirit alive is to always have something to look forward to, whether it be as small as a girl’s night out to planning a mini Reno in the near future. Although many people are financially tapped out after Christmas it doesn’t hurt to be proactive and start planning in advance for either your new build or home Reno goals/dreams!

4 Advantages To Renovating During The Winter:

1. Scheduling of Contractors is much easier due to Colder weather which means that General Contractors cannot perform exterior work (with some exceptions).

2. Permits! like contractors, the city permit office will be less busy in the winter. Less projects being submitted means less of a wait to have yours reviewed!

3. Avoid Spring Price Hikes! Because they are in less demand during the winter, you are likely to have more room for negotiations with your contractor on pricing.

4. Spring Home Sale! If you’re looking to sell your home, utilizing the winter time to make renovations is a great move. It allows you to make any updates you need that can increase your sale price, as well as avoid problems at inspection time.

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