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2021 Interior design Trends

Its no doubt in anyone’s mind that this has been a hard year for everyone. As we continue to drag ourselves through the last couple months of 2020 and hope for better year to come, it has given me a lot of time to look around and redecorate. As I putter around my home, I realize that I much prefer the look of a space that feels classic, timeless, charming and character at every turn. But I can’t deny some trends that are too irresistible to not put into your home. Not only does it help keep things fresh, but it allows you to express your artistic side and make your home reflect your individuality.

So, lets jump into some of my favourite trends that have emerged this year. The following are my personal favourite interior design trends for 2021.


It’s no secret that I favour neutrals because they’re just so timeless! Super soft neutrals are also the name of the game. I’m talking a hint of cream, a soft cashmere, and just the slightest touch of putty in wood accents. The results are sophisticated, serene, and simply beautiful. And while on the other hand of things the revival of bold colours is an unexpected turn in colour combinations... It is alive and very well this year, but in very delicate placements. (Buffalo Check pillows to Dark navy throw blankets!)


Nothing adds a touch of serenity to a home then bringing a piece of Mother Nature into it. The perfect combination of rustic meets glamorous, real wood is making a huge come back this year, and I’m all for it! I love that it’s perfectly imperfect, adding just the right amount of warmth, charm, and attention to a space to make it truly unique.


While natural materials typically cost more, I have noticed a lot of clients vying for quality over quantity these days, and are optioning to splurge on more timeless elements when it comes to their homes. Marble and limestone countertops and sinks, brick facades, hand thrown pottery, and reclaimed wood beams are abundant, and I’m fully on board.


It’s all about the seventies right now – from fashion and accessories through to design, homewares and architecture. But rather than a slavish rehash of key trends of the decade, we’re seeing a contemporary reinterpretation of the much more rustic original style. any makers, tastemakers and brands are taking the best of that funky decade and transforming it into an aspirational look that we can’t get enough of. Macramé

and weaving have been on trend for quite some time now, and the current house plant renaissance has its roots (excuse the pun) in the ’70s – but there’s so much more to it than textile arts and plants.

In conclusion, 2021 is going to be about making your home a serene, calming, and happy place. If you make your home your sanctuary, then you don't feel the need to escape!

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